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Monday, September 12, 2011


create title ni dh bekurun lama nye...edit gambar pun dh kemain lama nye..hehe..
tp tak sempat2 nak post..
alhamdulillah akhirnye~

okey..2nd july is our reception day.. 
uhuuu..sampai sekarang still ada perasaan nak pakai lagi
baju wedding...tak puas pakai..tak puas amik gmbr.
tak puas makeup cantik2.. jap je dh habis..

ni flower boy yg hensem2 sume nih.. begaya sungguh! ^.^

n my flower lady yang membawa bunga telur ke pelamin

n me n hubby! 

groom& sis n fuad

ready untuk bersanding...

di renjis renjis atas pelamin.. ^.^

menuju ke meja makan beradab

di meja makan beradab..lapar time ni.. tapi 
tak bole nk mkn sangat..sibuk begambar :p

with Opah and Ice

dan memotong cake! :D

alhamdulillah majlis bejalan lancar..eventho ada sikit 
kelam kabut kat aturcara..but overall its fine :)

wat most important is both of us are so happy dat day.
penat sikit ngn kasut tumit tinggi yg mencengkam kaki.. but im 
enjoying da day! :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

OUR WEDDING!! 1st July 2011

wow..! time travelling so fast ^.^
1st July 2011, 10.15pm alhamdulillah 
me and my beloved Faiz had been
pronounce as husband and wife.

gettin ready. my make up artist Kak Watie had done
a superb great job on makeup. im totally love her
touch! (eventho she's a bit late >,<) 

my fellow beloved frens who had come and 
tolong angkat dulang hantaran..
thx lady ^.^
but still rasa terkilan tak dapat amik gambar
dengan u girls after nikah..T.T

its ME!! 
just arrive at Surau Al-Ulum seksyen 9
Kota Damansara. 
im so nervous at this point but im so happy
at the same time..
perasaan bercampor2 >,<

waiting for the groom to come.. nervous.

my parents ^.^ they looked so lovely!

its time..opps.. khutbah dulu..
and still ingat lagi lawak ustaz Hj Arif ni
"sebut betul-betul ye tunai..jangan tonite..."
hahaha..kelakar betul.
realy make our day happening! 

me n my hubby!!
my hubby giving me mas kahwin

its a sweet moment for us.. i wouldnt forget
this moment forever.. ^.^

taking sum pictures with relative and frens ^.^

my hubby's family and now is my new family :)

Alhamdullillah malam nikah berjalan dengan sempurna.
everything had just go on the flow and the mood are just
so perfect! ^.^
Me had arrived at Surau Al-Ulum around 9pm 
and entered the surau with 9 dulang's ladies:
Fila, Dayah, Aen, Zarith, Shila, Sarah,Wina, Mira, and 
My lil Sis.
Thx ladies for being there..

Around 9.15pm, Faiz's and family entered the Surau with hantaran
and accompany with Solawat to Rasullullah(s.a.w).

Unc Azman had become a MC for the our nikah nite and he
had absolutely done a great job. :)

1st July 2011 10.15pm, me n my beloved husband
SAH menjadi suami isteri. 

*i think i should upload more picture cos so many memories in my mind
but not enough picture.. kene tunggu orang lain punye
camera jugak nak upload gmbr ^.^

Friday, June 24, 2011

7 days until our wedding

yeah! its 7 days left before the wedding day.
oh im so nerves! 

this could be the reference for my wedding dress n the bridesmaid ^.^
love it! its sweet n purple!!! hehe

its time for painting! cat bilik pengantin.. 
theme color: of cos Pink!! 

the material for my wedding dress. 
pray for it to look as beautiful as i dream
about it ^.^ 

the shoes for the wedding. its white and beaded.
of cos, bcos i love bling bling! 
we bought this shoes at shoe festival PWTC.
its a great choice because its so beautiful!! ^.^

this should be our outfit for 
solemnization nite. but we both decided 
to go for white outfit.. 

my wedding dress is on progress..... dit..dit..dit..dit..

my bracelet for the wedding day ^.^
love it soooooo much!!

this could be my fav accessories! yeay!

my outfit choosen for batu pahat side!
its red and HOT~~ awww...

our invitation card ^.^

first fiiting for the dresses..but em... 
still need some alteration..

and this is my baju for Nikah!!

7 days left! most of the thing had be done except for payment! oh no..
but alhamdulillah for everything. hope everything that we have choose for
our wedding will make us happy on our big day ^.^

what most important is, 1 julai 2011, is our new chapter and 
beginning for new life. ^.^
im pray for the best, happier, greatness and piece in our 
marriage life :)

LOVE u my future hubby

Friday, June 17, 2011

14 days left!

* PRE-Wedding! *

Salina & Faiz, so da story begin ;D

getting ready ^.^

ive been waiting all my life, and
now i found u ^.^

u came to my life, with a flowers ^.^
and im falling for u~

me n u
this could be 1 of my fav photo >.<

shh~ he's waiting...hehe 

my fav part is: i love looking at your smiley sweet
face >,<

playing around! haha :p

 and these too..haha! its like a trademark
abg suka letak bunga kat 
muka caye :p hehe

14 days before wedding, we together had took a pre-wedding photo at along's house.. its been fun time..haha! and a little awkward actualy to pose.. sebab tak biasa kut.. i wonder how nanti kalau dengan our photografer for wedding... >,<                  

Diam tak diam...tinggal 14 hari je before our big day...its such a journey to get tru here, we smile :), we laugh :D, we fight :( , i cry (haha)... and for me those are color in our relationship..

Sumtime ive been wonder wut will happen next...but rite now, i just pray and hope everything dat we've decided, will lead us to great life and peace mind forever..^.^ i love u dear~

Saturday, January 8, 2011

NEW YEAR!!! 1.01.2011

we've been arriving at KLCC, 9am 1.01.11.
and so the photo-shooting begin.....

typical piece sign of me~ :p

and "watever" poses from me..haha

cyg pegang KLCC!! power~~ 

its me n U! ^.^

i love to see u with SLR.. looks macho~

and..not bad gak cyg jadi model..heheh..hencem cungguh

XoXo.. macam dalam drama korea..

eat our favorite sashimi :D 

then kita jalan2 dalam klcc

lepaking at kinokuniya...

n makan kek at coffee house kinokuniya..

Its 1st January 2011!! first day of new year. Im so excited 
to begin this new year with you my darling.. hope this would be our 
great beginning for the whole year.
We arrive at KLCC early in da morning. Jalan2, amik gambar,
makan kek, shopping tudung ^.^. Cari buku at kinokuniya.
Its all about spending our time together.
lepas tu balik around 9pm..

whole day with my deary cyg!! im so happy! ^.^

we goin back around 9pm