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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Watching you Grow

Finally i get a chance to update my blog. I even had forgotten my user ID since i haven't open my blog for a few month..Lol! hehe..

Umar now already 7 month. Alhamdulillah. He had started his solid food, love to laugh and talk...abababa~ Everyone call him a happy baby.. ^.^
And for today entry i would love to share our jalan-jalan day with Umar to Aquaria.
tengok betapa kusyuknye umar tengok ikan2 tu..tak berkelip >,<

credit to my beloved hubby Faiz Hanafiah for this awesome picture. I really love to see Umar's expression when he looked at those big fish and aquarium. its priceless! ;)  
tunnel! keliling penuh dengan ikan. seronok sgt tgk Umar happy
Betul2 kluar je aquaria Umar pun tidur..penat sangat dia.. >,<