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Friday, July 8, 2011

OUR WEDDING!! 1st July 2011

wow..! time travelling so fast ^.^
1st July 2011, 10.15pm alhamdulillah 
me and my beloved Faiz had been
pronounce as husband and wife.

gettin ready. my make up artist Kak Watie had done
a superb great job on makeup. im totally love her
touch! (eventho she's a bit late >,<) 

my fellow beloved frens who had come and 
tolong angkat dulang hantaran..
thx lady ^.^
but still rasa terkilan tak dapat amik gambar
dengan u girls after nikah..T.T

its ME!! 
just arrive at Surau Al-Ulum seksyen 9
Kota Damansara. 
im so nervous at this point but im so happy
at the same time..
perasaan bercampor2 >,<

waiting for the groom to come.. nervous.

my parents ^.^ they looked so lovely!

its time..opps.. khutbah dulu..
and still ingat lagi lawak ustaz Hj Arif ni
"sebut betul-betul ye tunai..jangan tonite..."
hahaha..kelakar betul.
realy make our day happening! 

me n my hubby!!
my hubby giving me mas kahwin

its a sweet moment for us.. i wouldnt forget
this moment forever.. ^.^

taking sum pictures with relative and frens ^.^

my hubby's family and now is my new family :)

Alhamdullillah malam nikah berjalan dengan sempurna.
everything had just go on the flow and the mood are just
so perfect! ^.^
Me had arrived at Surau Al-Ulum around 9pm 
and entered the surau with 9 dulang's ladies:
Fila, Dayah, Aen, Zarith, Shila, Sarah,Wina, Mira, and 
My lil Sis.
Thx ladies for being there..

Around 9.15pm, Faiz's and family entered the Surau with hantaran
and accompany with Solawat to Rasullullah(s.a.w).

Unc Azman had become a MC for the our nikah nite and he
had absolutely done a great job. :)

1st July 2011 10.15pm, me n my beloved husband
SAH menjadi suami isteri. 

*i think i should upload more picture cos so many memories in my mind
but not enough picture.. kene tunggu orang lain punye
camera jugak nak upload gmbr ^.^