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Monday, December 27, 2010

its 12 month!!!

me n my beloved fiance makan2 icekrim di Hagen Daz. 
It was just sum cute moment on that
day. Makan ice cream sambil amik gambar faces of us.. 
Ya, and i was realy laughing masa amik gambar faces yang ada effect pelik2 tu. 
kelakar betul :))

ini my fav faces of cute with his big eyes..haha..

abg cakap.. "tak sedap~~" hehe..tula..ada 1 flavor yang rasa dia pelik sket..

It was 21st december 2010 and its our first year anniversary..
Happy, fun, n joy, fighting, sulk n apart... the only thing i know...
is how much i love u.. n i love even more, after knowing u everyday..
i love u even more, when im being with u everyday
i love u even more, when i miss u every time we're apart
thanks abg for givin me LOVE
many more great years will come to us..^.^